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  Gatineau, February 8 2013

An Explosive Performance To Launch the Programme
of the 17th Edition of Viree Blues Boreale

As the formula proved so very successful, Viree Blues Boreale's team decided to renew the experience and again entrust a Grand Bluesman who has performed on our stage before with a “Carte Blanche” to launch the programme of our 17th edition. The result: once again a unique and memorable show that you should expect to be uncapping! A first! Performing together on the same stage for this occasion only, three of our top guitarists: Paul Deslauriers Guitar Explosion, in it's Viree Blues Boreale's version. He will be performing with none other than Jack DeKeyzer and with the always very popular Ricky Paquette.

Better known for performing with the Grande Dame of the Blues, Dawn Tyler Watson, since 2006, the master designer of this show, Paul Deslauriers has built a really impressive musical career. Proclaimed a member of Rolling Stone magazine's list of 100 All Times Best Guitarists, this supported by a whole host of prestigious prizes, this former leader of Kind of Blue, of Black Cat Bone and now of the Paul Deslauriers Band has also been asked all along his career to accompany artists like France D'Amour, Amanda Marshall, Nicolas Ciccone and Garou. On this occasion, he will be offering us an special version of his Guitar Explosion Project with his buddies Sylvain Coulombe on drums, Greg Morency on bass, and with his famed guests.

His first guest, Jack DeKeyzer has been performing here earlier on a few occasions but he is better known in English Canada. With a production of nine albums and some twenty prizes, among them some of the most prestigious, all this achieved within the last decade; the personal tutor of Mr Ben Harper who can count the first lady, Mrs Laureen Harper as his most famous fan, this highly talented gentleman of the Blues will be visiting Viree Blues Boreale's stage for a 4th time, thus gracing the Guitar Explosion presentation with his Jazz, Funk, R&B and Swing coloured Blues Sound. Then, you should understand why Jack DeKeyzer has been declared “The Finest Blues Guitarist in Canada" by none other than Jeff Healey and why, according to the great Bob Dylan: "If Jack DeKeyzer was from Chicago, New York or LA, he'd be famous!".

And the other star! Having left the Blues aside to concentrate more on Rock Projects among which Rocksmith, Retrophonic and Martin Deschamps, the Outaouais kid prodigy, Ricky Paquette now also performing as Ricky Laurent is honouring us with a return to the Blues, to his previous identity specially for this very occasion, to come back to his roots, to his public of his early years, of his beginnings with old friends! Having won over the region's public at 13, at the beginning of 2000's, this extremely talented “Guitar Hero” worked with Martin Deschamps, Trevor Finlay, Steve Hill, Bob Walsh, Jimmy James, Nanette Workman, Trudy Lynn (Texas), Breen Leboeuf, Eric Lapointe, Jean Millaire, Jim Zeller, Bob Stagg, Guy Belanger and also with Paul Deslauriers, takes up with Guitar Explosion for one night only, with all the spirit, the energy, the emotion and the exceptional performances on guitar that he's known for.

A breathtaking spiral of furious solos, heavy Blues and some dirty (for Valentine's Day!). Guitar Explosion with Paul Deslauriers, Jack DeKeyzer and Ricky Paquette will launch this 17th edition of Viree Blues Boreale, on February 13, 2013 at 8h00p.m. at Le Petit Chicago, 50 Promenade du Portage, in the Old Hull sector. For inquiries or interviews, please contact Alexandre Petit at: info@vireeblues.ca. You can find more information on our guests at:
: www.pauldeslauriers.ca, at: www.jackdekeyzer.com and at: www.rickylaurent.com. You should also check our own site which keeps providing you with links to all of our guests' sites as well as other highly interesting information at: www.vireeblues.ca, on myspace at: www.myspace.com/vireeblues Or you can follow us on facebook at: www.myspace.com/vireeblues.

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