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Don't miss it !!!  
    * George Thorogood / Trampled Underfoot -Metropolis - May 17, 2014

Aquarium Café Bar
(programmation mai 2014)
2923 Masson, Montréal

Les spectacles débutent à 22h

Vendredi 3 mai: JF Paradis & J.D Slim
Vendredi 9 mai: Kenny Dupree
Samedi 10 mai: Frede Freedom
Vendredi 16 mai: Ria Reece
Samedi 17 mai: Rick L. Blues



Craig Morrison's Music Newsletter

Greetings from Montreal!

I'm delighted to have been invited to speak and perform at A Night of Ethnomusicology, next Tuesday (March 18) at Petit Campus - details below.

My Concordia courses are all going well, and my night courses too. The Musical History Tour (music of New Orleans, Chicago, and Detroit) is sold out, but the 50th Anniversary of the British Invasion at the McGill School of Continuing Studies has 6 more Tuesdays to run and you can still join us. Click here to see a youtube clip of me speaking about the British invasion and the course. The same course will be offered again in April, presented by the Cummings Centre, with the sessions taking place in Westmount - still time to register. See ***Evening Courses*** below.

I'll be doing a one-day songwriting workshop on Saturday April 5 through the Quebec Writer's Federation. click here for info

The International Festival of Films on Art is coming up again (32nd edition) at the end of the month, with films on Jimi Hendrix, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Detroit music, David Bowie, the beat generation writers and much more. click here for info

The 17th annual concert was a wonderful experience and a smash success! See comments at the bottom of the newsletter.


Vintage Wine playing "I Saw Her Standing There" at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall last month, at the 17th Annual Roots of Rock and Roll Concert: The 50th Anniversary of the British Invasion. Photo by Howard Kay.


April 26 (Saturday). Vintage Wine brings their Rock and Roll Dance Party to a celebration of the 45th anniversary of Elizabeth House (supporting young mothers and mothers to be). At Dawson College.

May 3 (Saturday). Vintage Wine, with special guest Pat Loiselle, performs a tribute to the Byrds, Bob Dylan, and folk rock. At Calistoga Grill in Pointe-Claire, $20 (tax included). Call the resto-bar for reservations : 514-630-7577. We have played there a half a dozen times in the last couple of years, and every single time it was sold out, so do reserve !

May 9 (Friday). Vintage Wine’s monthly Rock and Roll Dance Party. At the Wheel Club (see March 14 for details).

June 6 (Friday - but not the usual 2nd Friday of the month). Vintage Wine’s monthly Rock and Roll Dance Party, yes, but this is our 7th anniversary of these shows, so it’s time for another ALL DRESSED and ALL REQUEST night : you dress to impress and we buy the pizzas (all dressed and veggie). At the Wheel Club (see March 14 for details).

June 14 (Saturday). Vintage Wine performs The 50th Anniversary of the British Invasion show, at the Lac Brome Theatre in Knowlton, 8:30pm. We did the Buddy Holly and Friends Remembered show there in 2012 and it was sold out. We did the California Dreaming show there in 2013 and it was sold out too. So reserve your ticket early !

July 12 (Saturday). Vintage Wine performs The 50th Anniversary of the British Invasion show, at the Piggery Theatre in North Hatley. We did the Buddy Holly and Friends Remembered show there in 2013 and it was sold out. So reserve your ticket early !

***A Night of Ethnomusicology***

  • presented by The Sociology and Anthropology Student Union of Concordia University
  • Tuesday, March 18th at Petit Campus (57 Prince Arthur Est)
  • schedule:
6:00 pm: Doors open

6:30 pm: Intro

6:45 pm: Bruno Deschenes:The history, the making and the technique of the shakuhachi

7:45 pm: First round of Trivia

7:50 pm: Miranda Campbell: Can a creative community flourish in silence?

8:20 pm: Second round of Trivia

8:25 pm: Shawn Pitre: Franco South Louisiana : Cajun & Creole Musics

9:25 pm: Third round trivia

9:30 pm: Craig Morrison: Journeys of an Ethnomusicologist: with stories, images, and songs

10:30 pm: Fourth round trivia

10:35 pm: Marc Peters: Exploring Hip Hop

11:35 pm: Last round of trivia

11:40 pm: Closing and "thank you"


hear intriguing tales and great music, see slides and film clips, meet fellow music lovers

  • CURRENTLY RUNNING - 6 SESSIONS LEFT and you can still drop in. The 50th Anniversary of the British Invasion: 8 sessions (6 to 8pm), Tuesdays beginning February 25 (note: the last session will take place on Monday April 14). Presented by the McGill School of Continuing Studies, classes downtown. Details here. For info and registration call 514-398-5212 or email
  • SORRY SOLD OUT! Musical History Tour: New Orleans, Chicago, and Detroit: 6 sessions Wednesdays beginning March 5.
  • COMING IN APRIL. The 50th Anniversary of the British Invasion: 6 sessions (7 to 9pm), Tuesdays, April 29 to June 10 (excluding June 3). Presented by the Cummings Centre, classes in Westmount. For info and registration, call Michelle Lander at 514-342-1234, local 7216.



The 17th Annual Roots of Rock and Roll Concert***

· Great job! It was a blast to see you perform and the others. Your drummer Gary has such a powerful voice! Wow.

· Your concert was great. Your knowledge, experience and talent deepens my admiration. Thank you.

· Fantastic! You made us young again!

· The British Invasion concert was awesome! My friends and I had a great time.

· We had a wonderful time. You were terrific!!!!

· Just wanted to say how very much we enjoyed the show last night. Look forward to attending future events. Many thanks for a great night of high-energy entertainment on a frigid February night.

· I am a student in your Musical History Tour and I went to the concert - it was so fabulous and amazing!

· Great concert last night! Congrats to the whole band for a fantastic show! I liked how you guys kind of emulated "The Last Waltz" type format with the guest artists, and alternated between the different tunes. I like the history lessons too- but then, you're a teacher! :)

· What a great concert Saturday night. It was a lot of fun, the music and musicianship terrific and the choice of songs wonderful. You even played one of my absolute favourites, Every Time You Walk in the Room. Looking forward to the next fun musical event.

· Thank you for an outstanding show this evening" the British invasion".

· Loved every second.

· The concert was fantastic. Thank you it was great.

· We thoroughly enjoyed the entire event .My other friends will have to hear about what they missed. Nothing like a full house to add to the atmosphere and encourage the musician.

· GREAT JOB. One of the greatest concerts I ever attended over…put our names on next year's list please.

· I am terribly disappointed. Why? Simply because I have only known/been attending your concerts for the past three years. Had I learned about them when they first commenced, I would have been at all of them!

· Cantor Gideon wrote: Last night was phenomenal! Was so thrilled and privileged to be a small part of it.

· Bill Brownstein of the Gazette wrote: Terrific show last night. You never fail to impress me with your versatility and insights. I even learned something new –Spencer Davis being the front man ’cause Stevie Winwood wanted to sleep in. And speaking of Spencer, your organist/pianist was on fire for that one. And how bout those two women belters? And Gideon on Yesterday? And what’s this? A rock drummer called Sharkey who can actually sing? His renderings of House of Rising Sun and Gerry and the Pacemakers were simply amazing. Too many highlights to mention – and for comic relief, old white people dancing at end of first act.

· You could have sold out an entire week with that show. My wife was blown away as well and wants to come to your next show at Wheel Club. Let me know, please.

· My husband and I really enjoyed the show last night, thank you! We got to hear some music we'd never heard before, and as well we enjoyed the asides where you taught us something about the artists or songs (I told my husband it was just like being in class!). My only complaint is not having room to move/dance...but we did what we could with the little space we had!

· We really enjoyed the show last night - you do not disappoint! Personal highlights: your introductions to certain songs like "I Go to Pieces"; we loved "Downtown", "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", "Paint It Black"; Gideon is a gem.

· Pat Loiselle wrote: Gotta say guys having you as backup band is an extreme pleasure (and pressure!) This band is one powerful unit and playing with you is an honour ...and makes it probably the most exciting show for me all year. Thanks for that!

· I attended your Vintage Wine, British Invasion concert at Concordia on Saturday night (in fact, I was in the front row), and found it great!

· I want to congratulate you for your concert last Friday, it was a great throwback to the 60’s, and, being a guitarist and singer myself, I was amazed by the musical skills you and your band showed.

· Incredible concert (Cantor Gideon’s Yesterday *****OMG).

· The concert was amazing. I was truly blessed to be able to attend.

***happy trails to you***

phone: 514-272-0367


Who ? When ? Where ?


Weekly "Blues Rendez-Vous"  /  "Rendez Vous Blues" Hebdomadaire

*** Pub Limoilou > Monday-Thursday-Friday and Saturday / Lundi-Jeudi-Vendredi et Samedi > 801 3ème avenue, Québec, Qc. 418-649-8577
*** Resto Bar La Bourgeoise > Sunday / Dimanche > 5930 1ère avenue, Québec, Qc. 418-623-4996
*** Smoke meat Pete > Everynight / Tous les soirs > 283, 1re ave, Ile Perrot, QC. 514-425-6068
*** Bistro à Jojo > Everynight / Tous les soirs > 1627 St Denis St, Montreal, QC. 514-843-5015
*** Olive et Papaye > Friday / Vendredi > 1017 Thibeau, Trois-Rivières, Qc. 819-375-2267
*** Pub l'île Noire > Monday / Lundi > 1649 St-Denis, Montreal, Qc. 514-982-0866

*** more venues to come / plusieurs endroits  à venir ...