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By Sean Willoughby
Angel Forrest

Saturday December 8th saw the stage at the Centre Culturel Henri Lemieux in LaSalle taken over by blues singer extraordinaire Angel Forrest. Accompanying the vocalist for the night at this intimate setting were guitarist/husband Denis Coulombe, as well as guitarist Paul Deslauriers.

Mother Tongue Angel Forrest
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The evening kicked off with “How You Do” from Angel's soon to be released CD “Mother Tongue Blues”. The album is dedicated to her home and all those that call it home: Quebec. “How You Do” was the perfect selection to start the proceedings with its' boogie blues tempo. The show continued with “Tell Me Why” off of the 2010 CD “Come Alive”. Some great guitar fills were provided by Deslauriers on this one.

The title track of the new album was offered up next and had Angel jumping out of her seat as she was singing it with so much passion. The energy was contagious and the crowd was truly enjoying the show.

Another song played off “Mother Tongue Blues” was the emotive “Someone”, which was introduced as a song that “sounded a little rough during the sound check”. Whatever the band did for supper worked because they nailed the version played to the audience. In the same vein, “Listen” is a ballad written for her husband that was sung with conviction. Both songs work because of the vocal performances, with the acoustic guitars providing just enough texture.

Winding down the first set was a ripping version of Bobby McGee which brought Angel into the crowd. Everyone was worked up and the second set couldn't start soon enough.

The second half of the show debuted with another new song. “Roll on Down” had nice backing vocals from Coulombe and Deslauriers to complement Angel's own flawless delivery. Continuing with Joplin's “Piece of my Heart”, we were then treated to an online request a fan had sent in to Angel's website earlier in the week. She played Turtle Blues which was on her first official release “Secondhand Blues”. Deslauriers pulled off some outstanding solos that had the crowd applauding in mid-song. Tying it all together with great rhythm was Coulombe.

‘Tis the season and having released a Christmas CD in 2007 called “Wonderland” which contains interesting arrangements of yesteryear classics, the Lys Blues best female vocalist winner offered her version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. A well done version that had this reviewer craving a little spiced eggnog.

A great evening of acoustic blues with heartfelt singing ranging from Ian Gillan screams to leaner, more subtle roots type blues that showcased the softer side of Angel's voice. This is one performer that you should not pass up the chance on seeing perform live. Keep an eye out for the January 29th, 2013 release of “Mother Tongue Blues” released by Morningstar Productions and get it. It showcases Angels maturity as an artist with all songs being originals. If you like blues and first-class singing, it's a sure bet.


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