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5 January 2015
Press Release

IBC 2015 Guy Bélanger one step closer

Guy Belanger Blues Turn
From the Blues Foundation website:
Best Self-Produced CD – Finalists
The following discs have advanced to the final round of the 2015 Best Self-Produced CD Competition:
  •  Montreal Blues Society – Guy Belanger, Blues Turn
  •  Dutch Blues Foundation – The Veldman Brothers, Livin’ By The Day
  • Grafton Blues Association – Altered Five Blues Band, Cryin’ Mercy
  • Kansas City Blues Society – Back Porch Blues Band, One More Before You Go
  • Piedmont Blues Preservation Society – The Suitcase Brothers, A Long Way From Home

In the short amount of time allotted, we worked hard to give a chance to an artist to compete in the Self-Produced CD category for the annual IBC held in Memphis. Today, the Montreal Blues Society is proud to announce the winner:
Guy Bélanger (Blues Turn)
We would also like to congratulate the runner-ups:
  • Steve Hill (Solo Recordings Vol. 2)
  • The Paul DesLauriers Band (The Paul DesLauriers Band)
We would also like to say thank you to our judges: John Detcheverry (CKUT), Michel Dubois (CKRL), Randy Renaud (CHOM), Jean-Pierre Petit (CKUT) and Yves Trottier (DAWG FM), who volunteered to participate in our selection process, and, of course the artists, who work hard all year long to provide us with quality music to enjoy.
Thank you all for your participation and support.
Visit the Blues Foundation website for more information.

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